In 2012 I renamed SmadSteck to EboStudio. Together with the team of EboStudio I produce EboSuite. Besides that we produce audio-visual projects on request to fund EboSuite’s development. With EboStudio I created a solid basis for the development of EboSuite and for the team to experiment, learn and to develop themselves into audio-visual technology specialists. This responsibility has had a considerable impact on my artistic work, but resulted in a beautiful product: EboSuite.


To develop complex software like EboSuite, I am dependant on a skillful technical team. So, it has become an important task for me to hold the EboStudio team together and facilitate them. My artistic choices had always been heavily influenced by technology, but since 2006 also by my entrepreneurship. Fortunately, I managed to maintain an environment where EboStudio can focus on the development of EboSuite solely, without having to deal with the daily stress of other deadlines.  

Audio-visual instrument: EboSuite

EboSuite is the result of many prototypes, like the 1995 video sampler, SenSorSuit, Frame Drummer Pro, skrtZz pen, DVJ mixer, SenS I, SenS II, SenS III, SenS IV, Senna, SenSei, DVJ Mixer 3.0 and Interactive Tracks. To fund this development we do (commercial) projects that fit within EboSuite’s development strategy. Fortunately, I have been able to work with many clients on cool, innovative projects that helped the development of EboSuite. Further down this page you’ll find some examples.


Selected projects

For ID&T, a Dutch organizer of many Dance festivals and events worldwide, we produced an interactive installation for their 3.000 square meter immersive experience, AMAZE. We worked on the Mirror Room installation. Visitors are secretly photographed and with face analysis software automatically fitted into an audio-visual composition projected in a mirror maze with EboSuite. A surprising and mind bending experience. More information on the project page.

In the summer of 2021, we produced an audio-visual show, Lone Wolf, for legendary Dutch music producer and painter Delic. The show premiered on 17 October in the Melkweg in Amsterdam (NL). The show is performed with EboSuite. I visualised Delic’s music together with Marcel Borsboom and  I do a guest appearance with my SenSorSuit in this show as well. More information on the project page.

RAUM invited us in 2019 to do live audio-visuals for their Cirque du Data show, about big data and privacy. We used EboSuite to perform a live audio-visual soundtrack during the show with visuals projected on the circus floor. We added live video recording to EboSuite to use live recordings of the audience in the show. 

In 2017, TV Show De Buitendienst asked us to produce an interactive installation at the Zapp Your Planet festival, a fundraising event for the endangered shark population. We invited children to stand in front of a 3D camera and make two sounds: an ‘alert’-sound and shout ‘Haai alarm!’ (‘Shark alert!’). Once they recorded their sounds, their face and voice were immediately scratched and manipulated in a fun, creative way with SenSei. The end result, a funny personalized shark video, was recorded, so children could easily share it on social media. More information on the project page.

For their V is for Victory campaign Nike recruited famous sportsmen Cesc Fabregas, Joe Cole, Andrei Arshavin, Didier Drogba and Rafael Nadal, photographed by John Rankin. During the photosessions a lot of video recordings were made to show the creative process, involving coloured powder dust clouds being blasted on the athletes. Nike asked us to create something cool with this left over video footage, so we created a cool audio-visual composition with SenS IV.

For Slagwerkgroep Den Haag we created a 360º audio-visual garden for their Tuinieren met SDH concerts. The designs are made with SenSei’s 3D visual effects.

Zwarte Cross, Europe’s biggest motor cross event and music festival, invited us to make their festival anthem for 2019. Together with the festival visitors and participants we created a fun, crazy audio-visual track.

In 2016, Schauspielhaus Bochum asked us to design the music and video projections for their theater production ‘Der Steppenwolf’. Der Steppenwolf is based upon the famous same-titled novel by Hermann Hesse and was directed by Paul Koek. For this project we used our audio-visual instrument SenSei and Augmented Stage. Using a 3D camera, the actors walk into the video projections and are part of this artistic, virtual world. They can touch the graphics, move around, shoot fire, become a wolf, and more. More information on the Steppenwolf project page.

For Dutch railway company ProRail we produced a performance for the opening of four new train stations. We did this performance together with the Queen of the Netherlands, Beatrix. Using SenSei and Augmented Stage I led the audience through the experience of building the railroad. I walked around the construction sites on the video screens live, while performing all kinds of construction work like laying bricks and pipes, draining and drilling. In a playful way I recorded video samples on the spot and triggered these live in the audio-visual composition on the screens.

In 2016, we produced an interactive installation at the Amsterdam Music Festival and the Flying Dutch Festival for TMobile. The installation let festival vistors be a virtual DJ on the main stage. The next day each visitor received a personalized after movie of the whole event featuring them DJ-ing next to Showtek, Amin van Buuren, DJ Harwell and David Guetta. For this installation we used our audio-visual instrument SenSei, Ableton Live and Augmented Stage. More information on the project page.

eCodex is a conference about emerging technology in the field of eJustice. The organizers asked for an innovative video presentation set up and an audience participation concept. We created a virtual host using our Augmented Stage technology and edit this in a 3D environment in real time. Also we created an interactive presentation for the keynote speaker with Augmented Stage. 

In 2014, I produced a presentation for ASML (a giant company in the micro-chips industry) for their 30 year celebration at the Dutch Technology Week. I used  SenSei and Augmented Stage  to tell the amazing history of ASML and nano-technology. Using Augmented Stage the presenter was able to walk virtually in the ASML factory, play with the machines, shrink to nanometer scale, walk inside a mobile phone, and much more during the 20 minutes show. Complex technological concepts became fun experiences and easy to understand for the audience. A succesful, innovative presentation by a succesful, innovative company. More information on the project page.

ASICS wanted to promote their new line of Gel shoes in a creative way during the X-Mas holiday season. So we created the Jingel Gel app for them. Make your own Christmas Jingle to share with friends and family! Just say ‘HO’ and your name to the camera and you will be rendered into a short animation with Santa, Yetis and Reindeers. Very easy shareable on social media from within the app. More information on the project page.

Fasion brand 55DSL invited us to design the visuals and music for the presentation of their new summer collection. For this, We created a special DVJ set with SenS IV. SenS IV is a great tool for show design and show control, thanks to its video mix and real-time motion graphics software. Three live camera streams were mixed with the videos, music and graphics live. More information on the project page.

For the opening of the new city hall of Zaandam I did a live sample performance with SenSei and Augmented Stage.

V&D wanted to promote their Schoolcampus. Together with creative agency Natwerk we developed an app called the SelfideoClip in which you could make your own remix of one of Kraantje Pappies hit-songs: ‘Dream’. We launched the app for smartphones. Shareable on Instagram and Facebook. Over 26.000 apps were downloaded and over 180.000 videos were made during the campaign. Probably the most remixes ever made of one song. More information on the project page.

We used SenS IV for all speaker announcements at the Ambassadors for Innovation conference of Telefonica in Madrid. A virtual host on the screen welcomed the audience and introduced each speaker, mixed with motion graphics and two cameras filming the audience and the stage live. We also did a performance to open and close the event. The final conference day was closed with an ‘after movie’, an artistic audio-visual summery of the conference made with SenS IV. More information on the project page.

Gebouw T wanted to inform their customers through narrowcasting. We put a spin on it. This installation enables visitors to co-create the narrowcast through gestures. Body movements put the crowd in 3D animations on the screen. This visual output can be streamed to the video screens on the main stage of gebouw T. More information on the project page.

Serious Request is an annual fundraiser of 3FM (one of Netherland’s largest public radio stations) to collect money for Red Cross initiatives. In order to help people promote their own, individual action, we created the 3FM Kom In Actie app. This app enables user to create and share a personal video for their fundraiser. More information on the project page.

Heineken wanted to introduce their Star Bottle and its unique design features at the UEFA Champions League final in Madrid. Instead of putting the audience in front of a flashy product presentation, Heineken wanted to involve them in the presentation. We used SenSei for an interactive 3D product presentation where the designer introduced the features of his product live on stage with soccer legend Marco van Basten, with simultaneously added filmed audience reactions

The Royal Tropical Institute was looking for a playful interactive exhibition installation that encouraged children to explore the colors, cultures and sites of Brasil. So we made a customized version of Senna for them. With this special Senna children can browse Brazilian culture in a playful way and make their own visual music collage.

Shake up your skill! For the ING bank we developed create video software for their Fame Game app. This app is not only about financial education, but also about allowing kids to shine in their very own videoclip. During challenging assignments they use a Smartphone to film their chosen skill (such as football, skateboarding or dance) and are confronted with related financial dilemma’s. They use these clips to create cool video mashups to share with friends via YouTube. More information on the project page.

In 2008, Sony Playstation invited us to do performances in Utrecht (NL) and Brussels (BE) for the launch of their new video game Little Big Planet. We created an audio-visual track for them with SenS IV and performed it using live recorded video samples of the audience.