From 2007 until 2011, I invested a lot in the 3D video mix and ‘real-time motion graphics’ software of my audio-visual instruments SenS IV and SenSei. With this software 12 video players can be mixed with each other and with many graphics, three live camera streams and 3D models and visual effects, in real time! All of this controlled with Logic Pro or Ableton Live (music software).


Until 2005, I used Adobe After Effects (professional motion graphic design software) to create audio-visual effects and to design visuals. In 2007 I switched fully to SenS. I loved designing with SenS more, eventhough the interface of SenS was pretty basic and the creative possibilities limited compared to After Effects. The fact that everything worked in real time and I could work with 3D effects was a great advantage over After Effects.


The graphics below show how easy it is to arrange graphics, live camera feeds and videos in virtual 3D space (left), the spartan interface that I actually loved (middle) and multiple SenS editors in combination with Ableton Live (right).

In 2008 computers were not powerful enough to process very complex 3D shapes and scenes in real-time, but by combining graphics, play with transparancy and blend modes and basic ‘vertex shaders’, this technology enabled me to create much more appealing visual designs for my live performances and adjust them to the theme and look-and-feel of the event.

I used this software for many projects, like Celluloid Remix, Nike composition, the live video sampling shows, Senna, Haai Alarm, Augmented Stage, virtual host, and Interactive Narrow Casting. In 2010 and 2011, I invested a lot to make it interactive (!).


The videos below show a performance I did to introduce a new game for the PlayStation, Little Big Planet in 2008. The video on the left shows how SenS IV and Logic Pro were used for this performance.


This compilation shows a few compositions made with SenS IV and SenSei’s real-time motion graphics engine. This compilation includes:

  • Launch of a new website for the Brazilian Ministry of Culture in New York (2012)
  • The interface of Senna (2010)
  • Launch of the iPhone 3 for T-Mobile (2009)
  • Opening of the Campus Party conference, Madrid (2009)
  • Opening of Nano Podium, The Hague (2009)
  • Augmented Stage performance with Her Majesty the Queen of Holland for the opening of four train stations (2012)

This compilation includes:

This compilation includes:

  • Performance for the Dutch Interactive Culture Fund (2009)
  • Performance for the Medical Innovation platform (2009)
  • Performance for the Achmea Innovation Awards (2009)
  • Performance for a Telefonica conference (2008)
  • Performance for Servex (2009)
  • Visuals for a 55DSL fashion show (2008)
  • Performance for the opening of the LEFestival (2012)
  • Presentation about the ‘Green Deal’ for a Dutch Ministry (2009).

This compilation includes:

  • Promo video for our online video sampler for Friesche Vlag (2010)
  • Promo video and show for the Celluloid Remix contest (2009)
  • Performance for the launch of the iPhone 3 by T-Mobile (2009)
  • Performances and promo videos for the Dutch Ministry of Education (2010)