In 2012, I produced an interactive narrow casting system for concerthall ‘Gebouw T’ in Bergen op Zoom (NL) with EboStudio. For this system we used SenSei and Augmented Stage, so visitors can ‘step into the screen’ and become part of the visual compositions. With this system Gebouw T inform their visitors about upcoming shows and other news. Narrow casting becomes an entertaining experience!


In 2009 we created a similar installation for the concerthall Metropool in Hengelo (NL), but this time we used Augmented Stage, so the visitors are blended seamlessly into the motion graphics. At the entrance of Gebouw T we installed a 3D camera. Anybody who steps in front of the camera is integrated into the visuals. The visual output of the installation is shown on several screens all through the building. The output can be used on the video screens in the concerthall as well.

The installation

The video below show the installation and how SenSei, Ableton Live and Augmented Stage were used. You see how Ableton Live triggers the visual effects and the real time motion graphics mixed with the live feed from the 3D camera. NOTE: the video showing Ableton Live, SenSei and Augmented Stage is not finished yet.


This project is produced with my audio-visual instrument SenSei and Augmented Stage. To fund the development of SenSei and Augmented Stage (and now EboSuite) I produce interactive audio-visual projects and shows with EboStudio. Very talented, experienced and skilled technicians and designers. I am very fortunate that I can work with them. And you can too. Need help for an audio-visual project or concept? Don’t hesitate to contact us.