Breaker Breakfast was an integrated campaign for Friesche Vlag convenience breakfast. We produced radio commercials with an interactive online video sampler. Customers created an audio-visual composition that showcased their ‘morning rhythm’ and shared this with friends. This project premiered on MSN and was a finalist for the Effie and Spin Awards.


This is video shows different aspects of the campaign.

Online video sampler and sequencer

The online video sampler consisted of a sequencer and an extended set of pre-recorded video samples related to a morning routine (making toast, breaking an egg, pouring milk, brushing teeth, drying hair etc.). Within a view clicks anybody could make their own personal audio-visual rhythm (a ‘morning rhythm’), record their composition and send it to multiple friends.

Radio commercial

Using the same samples I created radio commercials that aired in February/March 2010.

Promotion video

I also made a video to promote the project on social media.