Senna is an audio-visual instrument for children, based on my professional audio-visual instrument SenS IV. It was installed in the ‘Klankspeeltuin’ (‘Sonic Kindergarten’) and in the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.

The interface of Senna comprises of a virtual 3D space where all the interface elements coexist together.  A creative quest guides children step-by-step through the process of making an audio-visual composition. They learn how to download YouTube videos, make video beats, video melodies, construct a story with video samples and apply audio-visual 3D effects. At the end of their journey they have made their first composition already!

They can make 8 audiovisual collages and do a video mix performance with this material to present their work. You can call Senna an audio-visual instrument or a interactive 3D tutorial, but most children call Senna a ‘film making game’ or a ‘3D children’s book’. This project won a Best Practice Rozet.

They are guided through the creative process by instructions integrated in the 3D interface. In 25 steps they make a video collage consisting of four layers: two video rhythms, a video bassline and a video melody. They can enhance the collage with 3D audio-visual effects. All the functions of this installation operate in real-time enabling the children to play and experiment.