In 2017, Dutch children TV Show De Buitendienst asked me to produce an interactive installation at the Zapp Your Planet festival, a fundraising event for the endangered shark population. They also invited me to participate in an episode of their TV show themed ‘How do you create a monster hit?’.

Interactive installation

I used my audio-visual instrument SenSei to create an Interactive Track installation at the festival. I invited children to stand in front of a Kinect 3D camera and make two sounds: an ‘alert’-sound and shout ‘Haai alarm!’ (‘Shark alert!’). Once they recorded their sounds, their face and voice were immediately scratched, distorted and manipulated in a fun, creative way. The end result, a funny personalized shark video, was recorded, so children could easily share it on social media.

This concept is closely related to Interactive Tracks, Face Dance and my live sampling shows.

This video shows how the SenSei software was used. Ableton Live is used for sequencing and mixing the audio. SenSei is synced to Ableton Live using Max for Live plug-ins.

On the ‘Global track’ MIDI events and automation data is sent to SenSei to trigger the video recorder and the video mix / real-time motion graphics. MIDI events and automation data on the player tracks is sent to the video players. Automation data on the Stack tracks is sent to the audio-visual effect stacks.

TV show

This is the episode of ‘De Buitendienst’ that I participated in. The theme of this episode is ‘How do you create a monster hit?’. Because this TV show is about animals, wildlife and nature in general I used animal samples to remix a popular hit song.

This is the animal remix I made for them.


This project is produced with my audio-visual instrument SenSei and Augmented Stage. To fund the development of SenSei and Augmented Stage (and now EboSuite) I produce interactive audio-visual projects and shows with EboStudio. Very talented, experienced and skilled technicians and designers. I am very fortunate that I can work with them. And you can too. Need help for an audio-visual project or concept? Don’t hesitate to contact us.