In 2017 EboSuite was launched! I had been looking forward to this moment for a long time. Finally the instrument I had been working on with my team for many years was available for everybody to use. EboSuite is a collection of plug-ins that turns Ableton Live (popular music production software) into an audio-visual instrument. The aim of my software is to create the ultimate audio-visual instrument that merges the creative processes of making music and making visuals into one, unified creative process. Ideal for audio-visual and visual music artists like me. EboSuite is the successor of SenSei, DVJ mixer 3.0 and uses a lot of technology developed for the Interactive Tracks project. EboSuite 1.0 was followed by EboSuite 1.5 in 2019.

About EboSuite

With EboSuite you can work with visuals in the same way as  audio in Ableton Live. Working with audio and video is possible in one, unified creative process. This provides an unrivalled way of integrating music and visuals into live shows and audio-visual productions. EboSuite enables musicians and AV artists to produce their own music videos, audiovisual performances and innovate in the field of visual music.

History of EboSuite

EboSuite has a long history, starting in the 1980’s and is the result of many experiments and prototypes, like the 1995 video sampler, SenSorSuit, Frame Drummer Pro, skrtZz pen, DVJ mixer, SenS I, II, III, IV, Senna, SenSei, Interactive Tracks and DVJ Mixer 2.0.

EboSuite is under constant development and all concepts and learnings from previous prototypes will be integrated, and much more! A lot of technology developed for the Interactive Tracks project is used for EboSuite (that was one of the goals of that project). Like SenSei, Max for Live is used to integrate EboSuite seamlessly in Ableton Live (but in a better way) to create an optimal workflow for audio-visual producers. Early 2019, EboSuite 1.5 was released.

Plug-in overview

EboSuite 1.0 consisted of 7 plug-ins when it was released. EboSuite is constantly being improved and updated. Currently, EboSuite consists of 57 plug-ins. We produced many example compositions with EboSuite to show it’s capabilities. Watch them on the EboSuite tracks project page. These are the plug-ins of EboSuite 1.0:

The eSampler is a fully functional video sampler. Drag audiovisual clips into the sampler and produce video beats and melodies, trigger videos live, and simulate video scratching. Make the visual output respond to the note velocity with the audiovisual ADSR or the velocity to opacity function. Different audio pitch modes are available to put you in control of pitch quality and performance. You can use up to 127 eSamplers on one track using a Drum Rack.

Use the eClips plug-in to add video playback functionality to Ableton Live’s Session View. Drag video files into Session View clip slots and play and treat them like audio clips (edit warp markers, loop points, start/end point, etc.). Control the opacity of the video manually or link it to the volume controls of Ableton Live’s audio mixer.

Use the eTrackTransform plug-in to position, scale and rotate individual video tracks to arrange them in the video output window.

With the eCrossfade plug-in you can mix your video tracks in real time using different blend modes and visual effects (currently nine available). eCrossfade is controlled by Live’s crossfader.

Use the eComper plug-in to consolidate your midi clip that is controlling one or more eSamplers to a new video file without leaving Ableton Live. You can drag the newly created video clip directly from eComper’s interface to a Session View clip slot, to use it immediately in your Live project.

With the eConvert plug-in you can easily convert video files to the HAP codec within Ableton Live. The Hap video codec is optimized for live video triggering, mixing and manipulation. You can drag the newly encoded video file directly from eConvert’s interface to a Session View clip slot or the eSampler for further use.

With the eSyphon plug-in you can route the output of your video tracks to other video applications like VJ-, video mapping- or visual effects software. You can add the eSyphon plug-in to the master track to output the final mix and/or on individual tracks containing eClips or eSampler plug-in(s).

EboSuite 1.3

In the summer of 2018 EboSuite 1.3 was released. This update added many visual effects to EboSuite, added real-time time stretching, pre-roll, looping and one-shot to the eSampler, added the eOutput plug-in, added support for multiple video codecs and more.

EboSuite launch

I presented EboSuite for the first time at LOOP in 2017 in Berlin. LOOP is a three day conference about Ableton Live organized by Ableton. I showed EboSuite three times to a very interested crowd and did individual workshops. The video below is a registration of that presentation. The video on the right is a teaser video, announcing EboSuite in September 2017.

In 2018 EboSuite won the Buma Music Meets Tech audience award at the Noorderslag /Eurosonic festival.