In 1994, I bought my first professional sampler, a Roland S760, and set up my first proper sound studio. In 1994 an 1995 I produced many tracks, experimenting with sound mixing and music composition.

First proper studio

The Roland S760 was a very fine sampler, but with one significant disadvantage: the Amiga’s great all-in-one-studio production process was disrupted. I also needed an audio mixer, effects and a sequencer. Many new things to learn.

Together with Peter Kardolus, I set up a studio around this sampler in Utrecht. In the ladies’ toilet of an old abandoned school building where we were living at the time. With egg cartons (and the accompanying mice) from a chicken farm on the walls and on the ceiling as ‘sound insulation/reflectors’. Together, we tried to get to grips with a professional production process and undertook a lot of experiments with mixing and recording. 

In 1995, I moved the studio to a houseboat in Arnhem. A floating studio in nature, next to the river Rijn. I added a TB-303 synth to the studio. Together with the S760 sampler and a Apple hard-disk recorder, this formed a great set-up. I had a lot of fun messing about with all this equipment (and  playing with the ducks surrounding me).


In 1994 I started to use the name ‘Eboman’. I sampled the name from David Newman’s album Mr. Fathead. The last song on side one, a funny, sleazy, mysterious jazz fusion disco song, was called Eboman. The first track ‘Ebo Intro’ on the first Eboman E.P., ‘Sample madnesS pt.1’,  opened with this song. Due to copyright issues I had to leave it off the international release. YouTube doesn’t accept it as well. I guess David Newman’s publisher is a bit of an asshole.

I designed the Eboman and Sample madnesS logos on my houseboat in the summer of 1995. Eboman is my virtual alter ego that lives in Sample madnesS. He moves freely around, without earthly limitations, through the impressions and ideas stored in my mind and if you follow his journey, you’ll experience my world as an audio-visual composition.

The tracks

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