In 1991, I got a second Commodore Amiga computer to make music and visuals. I used both Amigas together to have more sample memory and sound channels to work with. I was very interested in jazz and funk and tried to make natural, acoustic sounding tracks with so called trackers.

In 1991, I moved to Hilversum to study Image and Media Technology at the School of Arts. This study was based around the Amiga computer, and every student was required to have the latest model. The perfect school for me!

To enter this course I got a newer Amiga, the Amiga 2000. Since I owned two Amigas now, I was able to make more complex compositions, with more and longer samples and more layers. On each Amiga I produced a part of the track, so I had to play both Amigas in perfect sync with each other to hear the complete composition. To do that, I added two bars with a click sound before each track so I immediately heard if I started them in sync. Sometimes I needed to start them ten times to get it right and when I wanted to start in the middle of the track I had to move the click bars first.

I started to buy more records at flee markets in search for samples. Another great source for music was the library. They had a huge CD collection and borrowing a CD there was very cheap. A great way to discover new music and to collect samples that I stored on many, many floppy disks.

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