Late 1988 I started using ‘music trackers’ instead of ‘Sonix’ to make music on the Commodore Amiga. I also bought a sound digitizer to use my own recorded sounds.

A music tracker is a type of software for creating music. Typical of a tracker is the numerical interface. With a tracker you don’t work with music notes in a graphical interface, but with lines of commands (numbers) to set the pitch, sample, volume etc. at a certain moment in time. To play a song the tracker will execute these command lines from top to bottom.

I loved working with trackers and samples. The creative possibilities seemed endless and the workflow was super intuitive for me. Sequencing, sampling, sound editing, mixing… all in one program!

I was not looking for a particular music style. I was a fan of ZZ Top, Public Enemy, Duran Duran, Acid house, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Pixies, Marley Marl, Funkadelic, Jazzy Jeff, Faith No More, Schoolly D, Herbie Hancock, Bomb the Bass, T La Roc, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Mantronix, video game music and threw all these influences in the mix.

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