In 1992, I produced the soundtrack for a fasion show (‘mode show’ in Dutch, hence the title ‘In d mode’). My friends Peter Kardolus and Geronimo Latumeten performed the saxophone and keyboard solos on the tracks in Geronimo’s home studio, using his ADAT digital multi-track recorder.

The tracks below are taken from an audio cassette tape. They are mixed together as the soundtrack for the fashion show. The first track ‘Here we go’ I used for a competition organised by Dutch National Radio in 1993, I remixed it and called it ‘Wake Up!’. The second track ‘Runn into JaZz‘ I remixed in 1993 to use as my first vinyl/CD release. It became a small club hit. The third track ‘Play me some’ I remixed in 1994 for my Mango album, and called it ‘Beautiful Music’. I also remixed it in 1997 for my album, and called it ‘Play me’.

Listen to the tracks in a playlist (right) or separate (below).

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