In 1993, I released my first vinyl record and CD ‘Runn into jaZz’. This Amiga composition was part of the soundtrack for a fashion show I produced in 1992. I made a music video for this track in art school.

Runn into jazz

For the release of Runn into JaZz, I recreated this Amiga composition on a professional 16bit sampler (AKAI S950) at Ed Madi’s studio in Roermond. That was my first experience with professional quality equipment.

For this track I used a video sample that I found in 1988 for my composition ‘Tragic eRRoR‘ and video samples from a live concert of Louis Armstrong. I made a music video for this track with fellow students Willem-Joop and Harald. We created stop motion animations to visualize the other sounds in the track. I lost the final edit of this music video, so I recreated it later.

Callippo cola

That same year I produced another composition, ‘CaLLipPo coLa’, using a sample from ‘Tragic eRRoR‘. I used this video sample a few years later for the track ‘GarbiTch‘.

Wake up!

Another track I made that year was ‘Wake Up!’. I made that song for a competition organized by Dutch radio show ‘The Breakfast Club’. I didn’t win the competition, but I like the track. The vocals and lyrics (in Dutch) are done by Milko, MC Chill Mil, and the saxophone solo at the end of the track was performed by Peter Kardolus. It is recorded and mixed at Geronimo Latumeten’s studio.

Anybody’s funk

The follow up single for ‘Runn into JaZz’ was ‘Anybody’s Funk’. A song I produced in 1992 with my Amiga computer. For this CD and vinyl release, I recreated and remixed the song using a 16bit professional sampler I borrowed from a friend. This was the first time I produced and mixed a track myself using professional equipment, so the production is not that great. I like the Amiga version better.

Peter Kardolus performed the saxophone solos and Geronimo Latumeten the keyboard solos. Vocals and lyrics by MC Chill Mil.