Mid 1988, I decided to create a track in which all leading samples are video samples. Inspired by the visual style of 80’s hip-hop and acid-house culture and the music video of ‘Beat Dis‘ by Bomb the Bass in particular. I didn’t have equipment to make video edits, so I had to imagine the visual side of the composition in my mind. Since then, I started looking for ways to produce images and sounds at the same time. For this website I added the video track to the original music.

I took samples from the Muppet Show (like this, this and this), Big fun in the big town (like this, this, this, this, thisthis, this, this and this), Rambo (like this and this), Kraftwerk (this) and a speech by Vice President George H.W. Bush.

Since I could only use 4 samples of 0.7 seconds with the Realistic Concertmate 650 sampler, I overdubbed a pause tape remix of the samples that where too long on top of the C-650 composition (like the gunshots, explosion, Bush, Grand Master Flash, Kermit).

Later this composition formed the basis of my first single ‘Runn into Jazz’ and the track ‘GarbiTch’.