In 1987 I bought a Realistic Concertmate 650 sound sampler. I loved that machine. It offered 2x 1.4 seconds or 4x 0.7 seconds of sample time. Not much, but enough to sample a kick, a snare and two sounds for melody, bassline or soundeffects. What more do you need?

Actually… you need a sequencer. The C-650 had no sequencing options, so all rhythms, melodies and chops had to be played and recorded live. You could record one pattern (a beat for example) and play another pattern (i.e. a bassline) on top live while recording it to cassette tape. Playing back this recording and playing new patterns on top while recording it to another cassette tape, made it possible to create more complex compositions.

For these compositions I used samples that I recorded from the radio and from video tapes. I produced my first audio-visual composition using this set-up.