Late 1986 I bought a ‘Midi Set’: a turntable, radio and double cassette deck in one.¬†This felt like a real instrument, a real studio! This set-up made remixing music and sounds much easier¬†(so called ‘pause tapes‘). So it was time for a new creative challenge.

Two man on a mission

Together with my good friend Maurice van Brummelen, I worked on a 1987 year mix, blending the main hit singles from 1987 together into one giant collage. We started in December of 1986 and stopped in the summer of 1987.

Mixing in the beat or making ‘good sounding, nice music’ was not our goal. We were inspired by the alienating, intriguing effect of remixed and repetitive sounds. Expression, creating something new and producing an overwelming stream of unheard, remixed sounds was our mission.

The tracks


Remixing pop music and using that cliche aesthetic and those over-produced, big budget images and sounds to create a hardcore creative experience is a passion that never left me. My DVJ 1.0, DVJ 2.0 and DVJ 3.0 shows are based on that same concept. Since 2003 I make my work with my own produced instruments only, limiting my creative process at first. This made the DVJ 3.0 set sound very similar to this 1986/1987 pause tape hardcore remix style. The Hardcore madnesS, Fort Ebo goLd, Violent Entertainment, LLib LLik and other early Frame Drummer Pro tracks, also have this raw, basic aesthetic.