In 2000 I produced several ‘Violent Entertainment’ tracks, turning main stream Hollywood movies into a disturbing experience by simply re-editing them in a hardcore gabber style.

Video editor music

With these tracks I tried to make extremely agressive video tracks, without showing extreme violent scenes. I sampled the most violent parts of main stream Hollywood movies (rated G: General audiences – All ages admitted) and created hardcore gabber house beats by cutting and looping them in a very hectic, fast style. This amplified the violent nature of the samples.  This proves the added value of a sample artist. Even with little effects and digital tricks, a sample can be flipped and turned into a completely new experience.

An important source of inspiration was the release of Final Cut Pro in 2000. FInal Cut Pro supported copy-pasting multiple clips at the same time and used the DV codec which made it possible to render and re-use sequences without much quality loss. This made it much easier to create complex compositions with a lot of edits. In the Hardcore madnesS and Fort Ebo goLd projects this had been a problem.

It was interesting to create audio-visual tracks with a video editor again and Final Cut Pro made that a lot easier. But still the creative process was dissatisfying. It is not possible to work in real-time and, just like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro uses a ‘frame-based’ timing. Which means that the timeline of Final Cut Pro is divided into small blocks of 40 milliseconds (the length of a video frame in PAL format), so all edits snap to that grid. In music, timing is super important, so having to fit all my edits within this grid made it difficult to edit in a musical way. The Violent Entertainment project once again showed that software to create my art didn’t exist and I needed to create that myself. Which I did, so now there is EboSuite!


An interesting consequence of working with loud, violent movie scenes is that it is difficult to use multiple sounds at the same time, because the sound from these scenes is very rich (many loud things happen at the same time). The challenge is then to make a complete composition using one layer of video.