In 1999 and 2000 I toured with my first DVJ set. For these performances I used two laptops and an analogue video mixer. I remixed kitch pop and underground dance tracks and my own tracks into an eclectic audio-visual mix. In 2003 I developed my own DVJ mixer for these performances.


I am interested in mixing the powerful iconic style of pop music with cutting edge dance music to create a new type of pop music. It is also interesting to use samples of artists who are most stressed about copyrights.


The tracks are partly made with video editing software and partly with music software. I didn’t like that workflow, because video editors are not good for music production and music software is not good for video production. So, for the DVJ 2.0 set I experimented with different software set-ups to work with audio and video at the same time in real time. The DVJ 3.0 set I made with my own audio-visual software. The DVJ 4.0 set I made with EboSuite, my full grown audio-visual production software, ideal for making audio-visual DVJ tracks.

DVJ 2.0

In 2001 and 2002, I produced the DVJ 2.o show, which is one of my favourite projects. Read more about that on the DVJ 2.0 project page.