In 2000 legendary Dutch rock band Doe Maar invited me to make a music video for their new single of their reunion album and to perform as support act for their reunion tour. This tour consisted of 18 shows for an audience of 16.000+ people. For this tour I remixed several classic Doe Maar music videos and other nostalgic videos (interviews, old documentaries etc.) and mixed them into an energetic DVJ set.

Music video

Doe Maar didn’t feel like spending much time on recording sessions for the music video. They wanted to concentrate on rehearsing for the upcoming shows. So I went to their rehearsal space together with Mascha and filmed them while they were working, as a ‘fly on the wall’.

I used many visual effects in Adobe After Effects to create the music video. Maurice van Brummelen helped me with this. I recorded a skrtZz solo to make the part with MC Brainpower more interesting. The video opens with a video rhythm, created with Adobe Premiere.

DVJ show

Doe Maar also invited me to join them on stage as their support act, opening the live shows. That was a cool experience. Doe Maar are legends in the Netherlands (they are even called the Dutch Beatles) and they hadn’t been on stage for more than 15 years. As a matter of fact, they had completely disappeared after their sudden split-up in 1984, leaving their fans frustrated behind.

So the audience at these shows were very excited and eager to see them. Many even became emotional. My stage was located in the middle of the venue, with the audience of 16.000 people surrounding me. I could feel the tension in the room when I hit play on my laptop and broke the silence in the hall with the first Doe Maar sounds. The hall erupted and all this nostalgic energy of the fans who had missed Doe Maar for such a long time exploded around me.

I did a 10 minute DVJ set, mixing old music videos, interview and other cool videos from the past. For this, Doe Maar had given me their complete video archive. Many video tapes, even private stuff. A lot of fun to watch. This video collection stayed in my studio for more than ten years, because they forgot to pick it up afterwards.

After the shows I gave Doe Maar a video tape with the DVJ set. Mascha Rutten made a cool drawing for the video cassette case.