In 2000 I did a performance with the ASKO Schönberg Ensemble and Gideon Kiers (DLF).


Gideon and I triggered audio-visual loops on separate screens. Playing with the loop length and start-point we slowly moved through the videos creating an improvised rhythmic composition. Because these videos contained pre-produced audio-visual effects, the visuals change into abstract audio-visuals while moving through the videos.

Martin Fondse made an arrangement for the ensemble that we cut-up into short fragments. The ensemble played these fragments when they saw certain images played by Gideon and me. When we looped these images or moved from one image to another the ensemble repeated an arrangement fragement or jumped from one fragement to another. This way we were able to improvise in sync with the ensemble.


For this performance we used Image/ine to skrtZz and loop the videos. I used this same technique for many DVJ 2.0 tracks. Image/ine was also used for my SenSorSuit 1.0 performances.