In 2003 and 2004 I produced the DVJ 3.0 live show. The DVJ 3.0 tracks are very minimalistic compared to the DVJ 2.0 tracks, because I produced them with my own software (the Frame Drummer Pro) only.

Production concept

Since the release of ‘Jitter’ (a visual extension of the Max software development environment) in 2003, it was much easier to develop my own software. When I created the first version of the Frame Drummer Pro, I decided to make my compositions with my own software only. I wanted to start from scratch and re-build my working proces around my own software, tools that are optimized for my art form, video sampling and visual music.

The Frame Drummer Pro had great advantages compared to Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere (professional video editing and effects software), because it worked in real-time, was controlable with music software (Logic Pro) and let me work with sound and images, music and video at the same time, in one creative process. But it had some severe disadvantages as well: I could use only one video at a time (so I couldn’t mix multiple layers of video) and it didn’t have visual effects.

So I challenged myself to create new tracks by re-editing classic popsongs, without adding effects, extra music and no multiple layers. Just cutting up music videos and re-ordering the pieces into a new rocking, groovy arrangements with the Frame Drummer Pro.

The Frame Drummer Pro is equipped with MIDI effects and the AGT to generate rhythms, grooves and glitches semi-automatically. I used this software a lot in this project. It enabled me to create the DVJ 3.0 tracks fast, in an improvised, spontaneous way.

These limitations and this new, semi-automated working process resulted in raw, punky tracks. But interesting tracks. A specific style.

Live I mixed the tracks with my DVJ mixer. This mixer was equipped with 3D effects. I used these effects to mix tracks and to make the tracks visually more interesting, but also to visualise basslines and other sounds happening in the tracks.