In 2001 Dutch rock band Bløf invited me to make three music videos for the singles of their new album ‘Blauwe Ruis‘. I also directed the album and singles sleeve designs and CD-Rom design.

3D motion graphics

In 2001 Adobe After Effects 5.0 was released. After Effects is great motion graphic design software that I used for my audio-visual tracks, especially to visualise audio effects to create audio-visual effects.

The 5.0 update added the ability to mix video in 3D, super cool! I had broken my elbow falling of stage during a performance, just before I was invited by Bløf. This meant that I had to take rest for two weeks, which gave me the opportunity to read the entire manual of After Effects. For the Bløf music videos I used these new skills and experimented with 3D. A lot of fun.

Club tour

I also did a club tour with Bløf in January 2002. Six performances in different venues in the Netherlands. For these shows I used my SenSorSuit and I made audio-visual tracks with Bløf and special remixes of Eboman tracks. This video is an audio-visual effect solo of Pascal (Bløf member) playing his guitar on stage.

My favorite chapter of my favorite book in 2001

In 2002 I was invited to read a chapter of my favorite book at the literature stage of the LowLands festival, together with four other artists. I was honoured and proposed to read the chapter about 3D of the manual of After Effects. I had just read the entire manual and had experienced it as an exciting adventure. The manual starts simple, introduces different concepts that finally come together and then, when you think you know everything, there is this great plot-twist: 3D is introduced and the whole After Effects concept goes next level. I really enjoyed that book, so was excited to read that chapter at the literature stage of the LowLands festival. Unfortunately, the organization didn’t like my idea and dropped their invitation. A pity.