The EboNator is used to play and pitch videos. Like a DJ uses turntables to mix vinyl records, the EboNator is used to mix audio-visual tracks.

For my live shows I needed software to mix videos in sync with each other for smooth transitions and/or to create a multi screen experience. Because this software didn’t exist I asked my friends Gideon and Keez to help me with this. This resulted in the EboNator software.

Because hardware was not powerful enough in 1997 to play and mix two videos at the same time, the EboNator ran on two (or more) computers. One computer ran the EboNator Master application, the other the EboNator Slave application with the option to pitch videos. The visual output of the computers was connected to separate video screens or to a video mixer. It is used for viewings of the Fort Ebo goLd movie and dDriVer must be a MAdMaN movie and for other live shows and early DVJ shows (I later developed a special DVJ mixer for these shows).