Since the launch of EboSuite, I produced many example, tutorial, Quick-tip and promotional videos with EboStudio for the EboSuite website. These videos are used to show how EboSuite works and to inspire users to explore all creative possibilities.

About EboSuite

EboSuite is a collection of plug-ins that turns Ableton Live (popular music production software) into an audio-visual instrument. With EboSuite you can work with visuals in the same way as  audio. Working with audio and video is possible in one, unified creative process. This provides an unrivalled way of integrating music and visuals into live shows and audio-visual productions. EboSuite enables musicians and AV artists to produce their own music videos, audiovisual performances and innovate in the field of visual music.

Example videos for EboSuite 1.5

The videos below are example videos to show EboSuite 1.5’s capabilities on the EboSuite website. In these tracks the emphasis is on the use of the ISF plug-in, because that was an important part of the 1.5 update. The videos on the left show how the software (Ableton Live and the EboSuite plug-ins) are used to create the compositions.

Live jams

All creative features of EboSuite work in real-time. This makes EboSuite ideal for live performances and improvisation. That’s why we also made some videos that show how EboSuite can be used live.


In 2018, I did a DVJ set with EboSuite compositions and some other Eboman tracks at the Amsterdam Dance Event. This is a fragment of that set. Tracklist:

  1. Phonetic mc                  6.  Billie Eiglitch
  2. Girl power                      7.  Donuts with Buddah
  3. Arianabstract                8.  FlopPy DiskKo
  4. Drop d beat                   9.  Blow your mind
  5. Bassyoncé                   10.  Trap to skiLL you

Example videos for EboSuite 1.0

Before 2019, EboSuite had limited visual effects. The videos below are made with this older version of EboSuite. You’ll find more info about the video ‘ePack feat. MC Many StyLeZz’ on the ePacks project page.