To make it easier for EboSuite users to get started with EboSuite and get impressive results quickly, I worked on the ‘ePacks’ concept in 2018. ePacks are EboSuite templates: fully designed Ableton Live projects that are very easy to personalize. Just add your own music, your own logo and a few graphics to create a music video, social media post or music visualizer instantly.

How it works

When the template composition is played, all the logos and graphics are manipulated in real time. All elements of the composition (FX plug-ins, parameter settings, timing of triggers) can be changed to make the composition fit your needs and taste. This way, anybody can make their own music video or social media post in Ableton Live in just a few clicks.

We presented this concept at the Amsterdam Dance Event, but didn’t release it on the EboSuite website, because EboSuite’s visual effects engine was a bit too limited at that time. So it was difficult to make many different ePacks. Since EboSuite 1.5 (that adds support for ISF effects and generators) the visual possibillities of EboSuite are endless. This makes EboSuite a great platform for ePacks, so we can launch this concept in the future anyway.

ePack 1: Dubstep

As a proof-of-concept, I produced three ePacks. The first ePack I created was the ‘Trap and Dubstep ePack’.

Easy to use

The aim is to make ePacks very easy to use and flexible. To personalize an ePack you only have to load your own logo (or message) into two eSamplers. The four videos below show the result of the ‘Trap and Dubstep ePack’ with different logos.

Create social media posts in Ableton Live

ePacks can also be used to create social media content. To do this you only have add three simple graphics (containing texts or images) that tell your story, your message. The ePack will automatically remix these graphics into cool short audio-visual compositions to post on Facebook or Instagram. The ‘Trap and Dubstep ePack’ contains five social media post templates. The three videos below show the result of these templates with different messages.

AV composition blocks

The Trap and Dubstep ePack offers many ‘Composition blocks’. A composition block is a short sequence to visualize a specific part of a musical arrangement, like a beat, climax, drop, build-up, break, melody etc. It is easy to copy and paste the blocks and combine them into a visual composition to visualize a song.

ePack 2 & 3: Rock & Disco/house

Next to the Trap and Dubstep ePack I created two other ePacks as a proof-of-concept: a Rock and Disco/house ePack .


I used the Trap and Dubstep ePack to create a composition for an EboSuite tutorial video. This composition features MC Many StyleZz, who also features in the SenS III tracks project.