In 2018 we created plug-ins for Ableton Live (popular music software) that provide more flexible control over the Disguise media server. The Disguise media server is the hi-end standard for high resolution media playback and total show control. Thanks to our plug-ins the visual power of the Disguise can be used in a musical way.

About the plug-ins

For this, we expanded EboSuite’s eSampler and created the dedicated ‘D3 Control’ plug-in. Audio playback is handled by the EboSuite plug-in, video by the Disguise media server and sequencing by Ableton Live. A similar concept as my home-made video sampler from 1995 and EboSuite’s eSimpler.

You’re able to pitch, scratch, manipulate and trigger multiple 4k video’s simultaneously live. All of this is fully automatable and controllable straight from Ableton Live in combination with the EboSuite plug-ins.

Performance and demonstration

At the Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 I did a performance demonstrating the plug-ins. For this demostration I used the skrtZz pen and a MIDI controller to trigger and manipulate the visuals live.

I introduced the performance with a presentation showing different aspects of the plug-ins.