In the summer of 2021, I produced an audio-visual show, Lone Wolf, for legendary Dutch music producer and painter Delic. The show premiered on 17 October in the Melkweg in Amsterdam (NL). You can read more about the show and book tickets here. The show is performed with EboSuite. I visualised Delic’s music together with Marcel Borsboom and  I did a guest appearance with my SenSorSuit in this show as well.

Live video controllers

With EboStudio I developed a custom plug-in for Ableton Live that enabled Delic to trigger video live using a MIDI drumkit. These visuals were further manipulated and seamlessly integrated with other Lone Wolf motion graphics through our EboSuite software.

Real-time visuals

All visuals were generated and triggered in real-time, allowing Delic to seamlessly mix music and samples on the fly while maintaining perfect visual synchronization.

Custom shaders

We created custom shaders (short software programs to generate or manipulate visuals) for Delic to control visual effects and generate visuals live with MIDI controllers.

SenSorSuit performance

During the show I performed one track with my SenSorSuit live together with Delic on video drums. With my SenSorSuit I triggered and manipulated video recordings of singer Huda and turned her into audio-visual basslines in real time.