In the summer of 2005, Dutch rock band Bløf invited me to make music videos for two songs of their new album Umoja. For this album Bløf travelled all over the world to write and perform songs with local musicians. During their travels they made a lot of video recordings of the countries they visited and the recording process. Each song on the album is recorded in a different country.

I made these videos with Adobe After Effects (popular motion graphic design software). Many of the techniques and concepts I learned during the making of these music videos I used for the development of the 3D video mix and real-time motion graphics software of SenS IV and SenSei.

Binnenstebuiten (Yele)

The first video I made for them was ‘Binnenstebuiten (Yele)’, recorded and filmed in Nairobi, Kenya. This video is used as the openingstrack of the DVD. Bløf handed me many hours of raw video footage that I used to construct this music video.

Één En Alleen

The second video I made from them was ‘Één En Alleen’, recorded and filmed in New Delhi, India.