In 2011, I launched the new Eboman website together with the WikiVideo website. Eboman website 3.0 consisted of a 24/7 live stream of my working space. My actual studio was the entire website and you could see me working there any time. Words sticked to the wall behind me acted as menu items. Clicking these words sent the visitor to relevant information.

Live stream website

Website 3.0 is inspired by Eboman website 2.0, but I wanted to make it more personal and with real-time interaction like the WikiVideo website. The menu on the wall consisted of the following items:

  • Who is Eboman? – article in AidepikiW¬†(now offline), because Wikipedia rejected my edits
  • Help me make WikiVideos – WikiVideo website
  • Live performances – the website of my booking agent
  • Compositions – my YouTube channel
  • Technology –¬†SmadSteck website (now EboStudio)
  • Contact – opens up email client
  • News – my Facebook page

Making of

Mascha Rutten (graphics), my father (construction) and Jochem ten Berge (streams) helped me to build the website. Mascha decorated the wall with pieces of newspapers, pages from old books, magazine articles, posters, stickers and made the letters. My father build the bass traps and Jochem set up the streaming server.


Eboman website 3.0 was maintained by eBoBot. He made posts on Twitter and Facebook for me and did the dishes, made tea, organized floppy disks, packed my SenSorSuit, dusted off old computers etc., so I could concentrate on the WikiVideo project and production/management work for EboStudio and SenSei. You can still become his friend on Facebook. eBoBot is designed and constructed by Mascha Rutten.