In 2007 I launched the new Eboman website. The website was just a link page, linking to my web 2.0 pages hosting relevant content. Nowadays a commonly used concept, but in 2007 an orignal way of presenting yourself. A non-website, with no content on the site itself, but linking to other websites with the neccessary content.

The website

The website consisted of a menu, linking to different websites and a video of me putting up the Eboman logo and adding elements to the menu. The menu consisted of the following items:

  • Who is Eboman? – video in JumpCut (website is cancelled)
  • News – blog posts in Blogger
  • Hi-res Eboman tracks – Cruxy channel  (cancelled, better quality than YouTube, and options to monetize videos)
  • Lo-res Eboman tracks – YouTube channel
  • Eboman Live – a photo collection in Flickr
  • Technology – SmadSteck website (now EboStudio)
  • History of Eboman – article in AidepikiW, because Wikipedia rejected my edits (now offline)
  • Projectography – posts in WordPress (now offline)
  • Agenda – agenda in Kiko (website cancelled)
  • Contact – MySpace page
  • More info – Google search about Eboman

The logo on the bottom of the menu linked to a forum about sampling, because sample clearance was still a hot topic. Soon that discussion became less relevant, because web 2.0 changed the way copyright is treated a lot. Since then I was able to finally show my work without copyright hassles (see also Trap to skiLL you and Happy CarCrashing).

Introduction video

I used the video below to introduce myself on the website. The video on the left shows how SenS III and Logic Pro (music software) were used to make this track.

In 2009 I used this track for a performance at the EXIT festival in Novi Sad, Serbia. After performing the track I do a short presentation about my SenSorSuit and the live video sampling concept.

Other website videos