In 2000, 2001 and 2002 I was searching for a new style of dance music, mixing the best of Drum and Bass and other forms of dance. The aim was to create hard dance music with a  lot of digital mix trickery and a lot of bass. Some of these tracks I used for my DVJ 2.0 set.

Software studio

In 1998  I bought a great digital sound studio. In 1999 I expanded this studio so I had three SampleCell cards and 8 DSP farms. Even more sound processing power! This enabled me to use many audio effects and mix many layers of sound simultaneously, without limitations. Also re-sampling was easy.


The tracks are demo’s. Not used in shows or for a release. But I like them. Listen to them in a playlist (right) or individually (below).

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DVJ 2.0

The purpose of Adventures in basS was to produce tracks to use in my DVJ sets. The tracks above didn’t make it to the DVJ sets. The tracks below are also Adventures in basS tracks, but expanded to audio-visual tracks. On the DVJ 2.0 project page you’ll find more audio-visual DVJ tracks.