in 2003 and 2004 I developed many audio-visual instruments, like the video-drumkit, skrtZz-helmet, Grain-board, skrtZz-console, Bass-wheel, skrtZz-pen, DVJ mixer and the Frame Drummer Pro. Together with Aart Muis, Rob Donkers, Peter Kardolus, Guillermo Kardolus and DJ Eni-Less I did several performances with these instruments. An audio-visual band playing and improvising together.

Centre Pompidou, Paris (F)

With Aart Muis I did a performance on 24th of May 2003 at Centre Pompidou. This performance consisted of two parts: first a live performed viewing of my dDriVer must be a MAdMaN movie, then an improvised audio-visual performance called ‘Grand Theft Audio’.

In this performance Aart and I used the bass wheel, the skrtZz pen and the Grain Board to play improvised remixes of DVJ 2.0 tracks with the Frame Drummer Pro. A kind of hardcore glitch jazz. It is a crazy performance, but I love it. I hope you do too.

The ability to improvise, to respond to new ideas, to the audience and to what is happening on stage, plays an important part in the development of my audio-visual instrument.

Night of the Unexpected, Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)

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Music Centre, Budapest (HU)

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Visual power show, Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)

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