The FCP-7 is the the last version of the Frame Drummer Pro. It combined the features from the previous versions and added support for live recording of video. The build-in MIDI loop sequencers, MIDI effects, support for the skrtZz pen, automatic sample mapping and granular synthesis features made FCP-7 a great instrument for live improvisation.

The aim of my software is to create the ultimate audio-visual instrument that merges the creative processes of making music and making visuals into one, unified creative process. Ideal for audio-visual and visual music artists like me. FCP-7 was followed by SenS I in the summer of 2004.


The most important new feature of FCP-7 was the ability to record video live. SenS ISenS II and SenS III were also capable of recording video live, but this feature was optimized in SenS IV and used in many performances.

FCP-7 ran on a laptop controlled through MIDI with a computer running Logic Pro. In 2004 hardware was not powerful enought to run Logic Pro and do real time video recording, triggering with effects on one computer simultaneously.


The main window of FCP-7 contains controls for automatic slicing of the video mapping these samples to MIDI notes using the EboLyzer and AGT, controls for MIDI effects to change the incoming MIDI patterns from Logic Pro, controls to play with the sample start point, playback speed and loop points and controls for visual effects. All parameters are controllable through MIDI with Logic Pro.

Recording video is controlled from FCP-7’s main interface, but can also be done with the capture window. This window contains many experimental interface elements, so control the analysis process and to play with the recorded video live directly after recording.

A recorded video is automatically analyzed by the EboLyzer and mapped to MIDI notes, so they can be used immediately in a track. Great for live performances and improvised studio productions. The ‘AGT’ filters the analysed samples and maps them to MIDI notes according to an algorithm, so bassdrum, snaredrum and percussion and harmonic sounding samples are grouped and easily accessible.

FCP-7 supports control with the skrtZz pen. Incoming MIDI information from Logic Pro can be interrupted with the skrtZz pen at all times, allowing for spontaneous skrtZz improvisation. A lot of fun.

Another great feature is the ability to use granulat synthesis to playback video for real-time time-stretching and crazy, glitchy timing effects.

FCP-7 was equipped with two MIDI pattern players. With these MIDI sequencers it was easy to play and mix MIDI loops to create compostions  and complex grooves live. Similar to Ableton Live’s Session View. Combining the sequencers with MIDI effects created a lot of creative freedom and made FCP-7 a cool instrument for live improvisation.

Another great feature was the ability to render a composition (excluding the visual effects). Computer hardware was not powerful enough in 2004 to play a complex compostion and record it at the same time, so rendering was the only way to capture it.

Live video sampling

The videos below show Aart, Thijs and me testing the live recording feature and testing a prototype of the SenSorSuit 2.0. The third video shows a live performance in Paris, where I use the sequencers, MIDI effects and skrtZz pen to create a track live.