In 2006, Dutch theater writer, director, stage designer and actor Ko van den Bosch invited me to participate in his new play ‘Gurumatic‘. With my SenSorSuit and a special version of my audio-visual instrument SenS II, I made music live on stage with live recordings of the performers and other sounds that I recorded on the spot. A live improvised soundtrack.

The play

Gurumatic was performed 62 times from February until May 2006 by Ko, Anna Schoen en me. The one hour play consisted of seven scenes. Ko didn’t want to work with video, so this is one of the few projects in which I worked with audio only.

Ko is a great improviser, so every performance was different. Everything Ko and Anna said was recorded with SenS II, so I was able to react to anything happening on stage directly.

Making of

The play was created and rehearsed at Hummelinck Stuurman theater agency. For this performance I used an experimental version of SenS II, a prototype of SenS III. With Mattijs I created special audio effects for this performance. I moved part of my studio to the rehearsal space to create the live sampling arrangements on the spot with Ko.


This project is produced with my audio-visual instrument SenS II. To fund the development of SenS II (and now EboSuite) I produce interactive audio-visual projects and shows with EboStudio. Very talented, experienced and skilled technicians and designers. I am very fortunate that I can work with them. And you can too. Need help for an audio-visual project or concept? Don’t hesitate to contact us.