Between 1998 – 2000, I produced many ‘Chaos Funk’ tracks. With chaos funk I tried to produce energetic, constantly changing, organic, seemingly spontaneous improvised compositions. The tracks should feel as if they were played live by a crazy band.

Live jamming

I loved the album, especially the way sounds morph into each other in the tracks. But the beats and grooves on that album are still pretty repetitive. After producing this album I started looking for a morphing, loose, organic style for my beats and grooves.

Through this project I also wanted to improve my sample editing skills. I had always sliced up my samples to construct new, original beats and music and I wanted to get better at that. For this, I manually chopped up hundreds of funk and soul samples into small pieces, to make is very easy to play and experiment with different beats and sounds in a intuitive and organic way.


Most Chaos Funk tracks are spontaneously jammed tracks. In a few hours I created a complete track and tried to keep the spontaneous nature in tact. I like the organic, messy style of these tracks and learned a lot about music programming in this project. This project influenced the dDriver must be a MAdMaN movie a lot. In the Digital skrtZz worLd champion project I took this style a step further.