In 1996, Dutch national broadcasting company the VPRO invited me to produce an interview with music video director Chris Cunningham for Dutch television.

Sample interview

For this composition I recorded Chris on video together with Armin Drøge. We asked him questions and asked him to make video samples. Clapping his hands, tapping with his hand on his chest, scraping his foot over the ground, making a fart sound :))), tapping on a chair and saying ‘I am Chris Cunningham’.

The track

After recording the ‘interview’, I took these samples to create the audio-visual track. The composition has a chorus and verses. In the verses fragments of Chris answering our questions are cutted on top of the video sample rhythms. In the chorus Chris says ‘I am Chris Cunningham’ and the video sample groove get more crowded. Towards the end of the track there is a break with different fragments of Chris’s work.

Home made video sampler

This composition is made with the home made video sampler. The fragments of the interview in the verses and the fragments of Chris’s work in the break are edited in later at the VPRO studio, because the Amiga had limited RAM space. Read more about the Amiga video sampler on the project page.